Morning in Wisconsin

Taken from a part of the Menominee reservation

Backyard Pond

First ediion of the backyard pond


Des Moines, the capitol city of Iowa

Recipe List

Winter 2015 steak menu rendition of popular philly sandwich


basic pico de gallo for appetizers 


seasoned chicken for queasadilla or fajita dishes


Reuben style burger


Basic salsa (sweeter)


basic con queso for nachos

stock for cooking


Spicy puree salsa

spinach dip prep for pita- spin dip recipe


classic American spinach and artichoke appetizer


Tony is preparing Dinner

Since I have been working at HyVee as cook/chef for their Market Cafe, I have been trying out new recipes and playing with ones that the restaurant has been using. You will find periodic updates here of new success and tragedy with the hope that someone migh find this information useful.  Also, I hope to  share ideas and tips on some of these (learn from each other). 

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