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  • web development services
  • culinary
  • quality hair care services
  • ministry

Our office features meows, loud purring, occasional barks and morning walks, but we work together to bring happiness and quality for clients.

Welcoming Committee & Personnel Depart.

  Marquis and Mr Snuggles

Marquis and Mr Snuggles are always willing to welcome people. They bring calm, relaxed and collectedness to the team. Their help with ideas and insistence upon petting, lap naps and playtime makes good work into great work.

Neighborhood Watch & Office Organizers

Reno and Mulan bring excitement and novelty to the team. While guarding the kitchen counters and fridge, Mulan also enjoys monitoring the neighborhood for activity, especially for birds. She will inform you if a pen is out of place and prefers pettings without drama. Reno is quick to alerting us when new people and other dogs have arrived in the neighborhood. They too appreciate naps and playtime.


Technology | Martial arts | Culinary | Ministry | Geek

Tony has been a professional programmer and web developer since 1999 in the earlier days of HTML. As Java and Drupal web developer, Tony has built and supported systems that manage enterprise size needs as well as smaller projects. Tony has an MBA and PhD (abd) in public policy and public administration. Tony is ordained through Open Ministry and an active member of Plymouth Congregational Church in Des Moines. The influence of martial arts, culinary and ministry drives the theme of this site (as well as the zodiac signs of Tony and Bret). Angry Birds® is addicting to say the least.

Cosmetology | Paralegal | Self-Proclaimed Clown

Bret is a licensed cosmetology professional and has been doing hair care as an indepedent salon stylist at DeJa Vu Salon in Clive. Bret has a distinctive flair for life and artistic work with clients. In addition, he does work with HairClub for Men and Women in the West Des Moines office to help people with hair loss solutions. Bret enjoys singing and is also an active member of Plymouth Congregational Church in Des Moines. Running in bright clothes helps people see you!